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Designing Kits with Purpose and Innovation

Innovation through Kits

Through my time with Forward Madison FC and after, I have always made it a priority to push the boundaries on what a kit is. Whether that means hand painting the pattern, working in technology, or speaking my values and raising money for a good cause, I believe a shirt can always have purpose. 

With FMFC, we broke a lot of ground in the kit space. We were one of the first lower league teams to go full sublimation with bold patterns. We were the first team to bring hydro-dipping onto a kit which then was used by teams like the Seattle Sounders and more. We were the first American team to have a fully reversible on-field top and the first to have a QR code built into the shirt. These designs were thoughtful, purposeful, and they reflected the energy and innovation of the fan base that wears them.

Year: 2019-2022

#JerseyDesign  #CreativeDirection 

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